A.I. managed insurance for smarter projects.
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The best managers delegate.

Meet Adam and Alice Inman, your A.I. insurance compliance assistants. Just CC them on your subcontracts, and they’ll automatically manage your vendor’s compliance so you can focus on more meaningful work.

Insurance Requirements

Adam, please share insurance requirements with Chuck so he can upload his COI today.

Validate Certificate

Alice, please provide Frank with insurance coverage. We need to hire him as soon as possible..

Insurance Requirements

Alice, please provide a report at the end of the week about our compliance status with all vendors.

Kill the 2-week insurance compliance headache.

Jones provides automated insurance compliance helping enterprises to rapidly hire independent contractors and 1099ers. We believe compliance should be instant so your projects can run quicker and smoother.

A.I. means easy compliance without leaving your existing system.

- No app required - Jones fits seamlessly in your workflow.

- Just 'CC' Jones from your email or any eSignature system

- Turn non-compliant vendors compliant with on-demand coverage.

Thank You Notes

“Thank you Jones for simplifying my compliance work. Finally, chasing my vendors is over!”

Jim Franklin
Vendor Manager,
BetterHome Services LLC

“I’ve been using your service for a few weeks and it’s already saved me loads of time. Thanks Jones!”

Alice Niles,
A.P. Orleans
Risk Management

“Insurance compliance is critical, and Jones delivers an automated and organized solution that ensures all vendors are covered.”

Juli Klos
Vendor Manager,
JPO Conservatory Group

Get your own AI compliance assistant.