So, your building has implemented Jones to manage tenant insurance compliance.

This is good news for you.

First, we will help you be fully compliant with the insurance requirements in your lease.

Second, you will experience a much better experience with all things COI management in the long run. Specifically, once we collect, review, and help you resolve any coverage gaps once, your COI renewal process will be on auto-pilot.

Before we all get there, we have work to do – together. This is why –

– We are going to send A LOT of emails at first.

The volume of emails will subside after we get through the initial slump. Promise.

Here’s all the emails that we will send you:

All Jones emails

Insurance documentation collection

If the building doesn’t have all of your documents on file, we will send you an email to obtain them.

If you don’t respond to this first email, we will send 3 more reminders. The sooner you provide the documents, the faster we will review and verify your insurance coverage!

One great thing about working with Jones is that you DON’T have to create an account to submit documents. Simply click on the link in the body of the email request and attach your documents.

! Look out for emails with the subject line “YYY” (you might want to check your promotions tab).

! If you don’t know who in your company is supposed to be handling insurance documents, still respond and provide the contact information for your insurance broker. We will take it from there.

Jones emails - no login access

‼️ Look out for emails with the subject line “Your COI is needed for [building’s address]”. Also, you might want to check your promotions tab.

COI request email example

‼️ If you don’t know who in your company handles insurance documents, still respond and provide the contact information for your insurance broker. We will take it from there.

Insurance documentation review

As soon as you provide your insurance documents, we notify the property manager and add the documents into a review queue.

Our review process is very, very thorough.

Oftentimes, we uncover some coverage gaps in COIs that property managers thought were compliant (they weren’t).

What can be missing:

  • Correct Additional Insured and Certificate Holder
  • Expiration dates are in the past
  • Insufficient Limits
  • Particular policies missing or have insufficient limits
  • Other items (e.g. endorsements)

Your insurance documents may be missing a few things – possibly more than have been flagged to you in the past. Any gaps in coverage that Jones flags are requirements in your lease. If some of these are new to you, it’s just because we are putting a magnifying glass on your documents.

The good news is that we are fast. We commit to reviewing insurance documents within 24 hours, but in reality, our audit times are 5 hours on average.

Gap resolution

Once the audit results are back, we notify the property manager. They will see where you stand in terms of your insurance coverage and do one of the following:

  1. Waive the requirements in order to get you approved faster
  2. Ask for you to make changes to your coverage and provide updated documents.

The choice is entirely theirs. It depends on how much risk they are ready to tolerate, and for liability reasons, this isn’t something Jones has a say in. We can only relay their decisions.

If the property manager chooses option 1 and waives whatever coverage you are missing, you will be notified immediately. Congratulations – you are done with insurance compliance. We will talk to you again when your COI expires.

If the property manager chooses option 2, we have work to do.

Jones will send you an email detailing what it is exactly that is missing. The email will look something like this:

Vendor Insurance Verification example

Here are some things you can do to help us help you:

Read the email and use the links we have included in the body. They will take you to a relevant section in the Jones Insurance Guide, a resource we’ve created to help you resolve gaps faster.

Respond to the email promptly. If you are confused, that’s OK. Just put us in touch with your insurance broker. They will know what to do.

Oftentimes, one email exchange doesn’t get us there. For example, you might fix one gap but not the other. Insurance is confusing! Keep responding and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Once we complete the gap resolution process and mark your insurance documents as compliant, the hardest part is over.

Here’s what victory looks like:

Compliant email example

What happens next:

  • We notify the property team that you are now fully compliant.
  • Your insurance documents are kept on file; we will reach out before they are set to expire. (Here is what the email will look like).
  • Renewal will be a piece of cake – you will just need to provide the updated version.