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Integration overview

See the Jones + MRI Software integration in action
Save Time

We’ll help collect, audit, and resolve gaps for your tenant and vendor COIs so that you don’t have to.

Seamless Process

Request COIs and view compliance statuses directly within your MRI account with a fully embedded integration.

Reduce Risk

99.9% audit accuracy that gives you actionable insights into compliance across properties.

Automate AP Process

No more switching between tabs! Set payments to be automatically contingent on a vendor’s compliance status.


Verify compliance directly within your MRI account

Request COIs and verify compliance directly from MRI

Ensure your MRI account is always up-to-date with compliance data for vendors and tenants with no duplicated effort

Automate AP process based on vendors’ compliance status

How to verify compliance with the
Jones + MRI Integration in 4 easy steps:
MRI logo integration

Initiate COI request to vendor or tenant within MRI

Jones logo integration

Request for insurance documents initiated from Jones

Jones logo integration

Documents collected and audited for compliance

MRI logo integration

Compliance status of vendor or tenant updated in MRI

Non-compliant vendor certificate of insurance with an inadequate coverage limit - MRI integration

Derisk your portfolio and improve compliance rates

Non-compliant vendor certificate of insurance with an inadequate coverage limit - MRI integration

Frictionless collection of tenant & vendor insurance documents

Precision two-phase audit process (combining OCR technology and a team of insurance experts)

Automated resolution of policy gaps and proactive auto-renewal emails

Real-time view of all vendor & tenant compliance history

Why choose Jones

Searching for a compliance solution that integrates with MRI? Here are 4 reasons to choose Jones:
Send COI Requests icon MRI integration
Reason 1

Send COI requests to vendors and tenants all from within MRI.

Jones allows you to request COIs from vendors and tenants directly within the MRI workflow. Other integration partners require users to leave MRI Software and then sign into their separate compliance management solution to request COIs.

Extracting requirements icon
Reason 2

Free and unlimited lease extractions

Jones can extract requirements from as many leases as needed for no additional cost. Other tools charge per lease extraction with rates that can add up to thousands of dollars per year.

View vendor compliance icon MRI integration
Reason 3

View compliance statuses directly within MRI

With Jones, you can view vendor and tenant compliance statuses and expiration dates within your MRI workflow without switching between tabs

The Jones Network icon - for Procore users
Reason 4

Access to The Jones Network

Access tens of thousands of pre-populated insurance certificates, documents, and contacts so you can improve compliance and manage vendor procurement in a smarter, faster way.

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The Jones + MRI Integration overview


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