Upskill on insurance and risk
& compliance process

Are you managing insurance compliance for your company? Feeling overwhelmed
by the intricacies of COIs and other insurance documents? These webinars can help.

Past webinars: watch recordings

Watch time ~49:31 minutes

To Waive or Not to Waive: A Crash Course on Insurance Policy Gaps and What They Mean

Table of contents:

Insured, Additional Insured, and Certificate Holder

General, Automobile, and Umbrella Liability

Common Endorsements and Miscellaneous Coverages

Watch time ~59:40 minutes

Ask Me Anything About

Table of contents:

What should you do when you require auto liability but your tenant doesn’t have a vehicle?

What kind of requirement limits do we usually see for pollution?

And many more questions!

Watch time ~46:38 minutes

Use Data to Improve COI
and Risk Strategy

Table of contents:

Commonly seen gaps on Jones

Compliance vs. Risk Management

How Jones data can help de-risk your properties

Watch time ~53:19 minutes

How to Review COIs
and Endorsements

Table of contents:

Umbrella vs. Excess Liability

How to review MOIs (Memorandums of Insurance)

General Liability vs. Property Insurance