Upskill on insurance compliance
tools and knowledge

Are you managing insurance compliance for your company? Feeling overwhelmed
by the intricacies of COIs and other insurance documents? These webinars can help.

Upcoming webinar
July 17, 2024 | 1:00 pm EST

How to Review COIs and Endorsements

Learning objectives:

Areas to focus on when reviewing COIs for compliance

Most common endorsements and how to read them

Most common coverage gaps


Past webinars: watch recordings

Watch time ~63 minutes

How to analyze your insurance compliance data, identify weak spots, and increase compliance: real-life examples from GC and CRE portfolios

Table of contents:

How to structure your insurance compliance analytics and data and what items you need to track

Frequent culprits that hold compliance rates back, their impact on companies’ compliance, and when it makes sense to make changes

Real-life examples of our customers who implemented changes identified with Jessica on strategy calls and why it made sense for them

Watch time ~58 minutes

Baking Full Policy Review Into Your Construction Lifecycle- Prequal, Project Management, and Payments

Table of contents:

Obstacles to implementing full policy reviews

Why it’s more important than ever to review full policies

How rethinking the construction lifecycle can help you implement policy review

Watch time ~63:01 minutes

There's Tech for That! How to choose tools that implement with Procore to empower your team and save time on AP

Table of contents:

Best practices for issuing subcontracts within Procore

How the Jones Procore integration can help get subcontractor insurance requirements faster and more efficiently

How to manage lien waivers in Procore with the Levelset integration and other tips and tricks for contract administration teams using Procore

Watch time ~70 minutes

Beyond the COI: Understanding the Exposure Created by NY Labor Law “Action Over” Exclusions and How You Can Spot Them

Table of contents:

How New York Labor Law claims endanger property management companies and property owners

How to implement a framework designed to protect your organization from risk

How to review vendor insurance policies and endorsements for exclusions that open you up to risk

Watch time ~49:31 minutes

To Waive or Not to Waive: A Crash Course on Insurance Policy Gaps and What They Mean

Table of contents:

Insured, Additional Insured, and Certificate Holder

General, Automobile, and Umbrella Liability

Common Endorsements and Miscellaneous Coverages

Watch time ~59:40 minutes

Ask Me Anything About

Table of contents:

What should you do when you require auto liability but your tenant doesn’t have a vehicle?

What kind of requirement limits do we usually see for pollution?

And many more questions!

Watch time ~46:38 minutes

Use Data to Improve COI
and Risk Strategy

Table of contents:

Commonly seen gaps on Jones

Compliance vs. Risk Management

How Jones data can help de-risk your properties

Watch time ~53:19 minutes

How to Review COIs
and Endorsements

Table of contents:

Umbrella vs. Excess Liability

How to review MOIs (Memorandums of Insurance)

General Liability vs. Property Insurance