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Jones is an insurance platform helping property managers, tenants and vendors clear up the headache of insurance compliance. We provide an easy, automated insurance checkup and offer on-demand liability coverage for any vendor that tenants want to hire.

Here’s why you’ll love Jones

Stay on top of things

Handling an ever-growing list of vendors and certificates in one centralized platform is just one aspect of compliance management, but we know you need more.

With Jones, you are always the first to know about COI changes, potential risk exposure, newly received certificates and more.

Instant approval for tenants
and their vendors.

Increase tenant retention

A happy tenant is a loyal tenant. With Jones, handling COIs doesn’t impair your tenant experience, it contributes to it.

More importantly, it frees up precious time for your employees to focus on other aspects of tenant experience, ultimately achieve higher tenant retention rates.

Reduce time-to-hire

Obtaining vendor compliance can sometimes get out of hand, which just causes frustration to all sides involved.

With Jones, all requirements and gaps are effortlessly communicated and clearly highlighted, dramatically reducing the chance of error to a minimum. Once a COI is issued, it is automatically sent to both the vendor and the client, eliminating the back-and-forth hassle.

Hire anyone you’d like

Why should hiring your preferred vendor be so tough? Jones reverses the traditional process and allows you to first hire any vendor you like and then get him covered with an instant project-based policy.

This way you can maintain your quality standards, while reducing your maintenance, repair and subcontracting costs.

Tenant Retention

Tenants have little patience for friction in the building experience. While property managers have the power to improve the tenant experience, they’re stuck behind a desk dealing with COI paperwork for hours every day. Jones creates a smooth and efficient certification process, giving your staff back 30% of their day and freeing them up to deliver higher value tenant services.

Certificate Renewals

Tracking down a renewal certificate can take weeks because of endless email threads, confusing spreadsheets and time-consuming phone calls. Jones gets rid of the hodge-podge with automated communications between your property managers, tenants and vendors so that you can sit back without a worry.

Reducing Exposure

On average, 7 of 10 of vendors are not compliant with insurance on the property. That’s because risk management is a highly technical job that is prone to human error. Why waste resources on a bad job? Instead, let Jones automate everything from tracking to auditing to internal and external reports on compliance. Easy, accurate and real-time.

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