I recommend Jones for ease of use and the efficiency gains that we’ve experienced by switching from a more manual process to something that really starts and ends in Procore. I think the efficiency gains alone would be a reason why you should buy that product.

Dana Erdman
Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews

Bulley & Andrews is a Chicago-based, regional construction firm providing general contracting, construction management, design/build, and masonry and concrete restoration.

At any given time, B&A has roughly 250 ongoing projects, with approximately 800 subcontractors, vendors, and other outside companies participating across projects at any given time. It means that the Bulley & Andrews team has to collect, review, and verify compliance for up to 60 companies every month.

The Challenge

With such a high volume of documentation, efficiency is critical – especially for construction, where new subcontractors are added to projects on a few days’ notice.

And yet, the past compliance process at Bulley & Andrews wasn’t cutting it. The company managed their compliance in-house and later implemented a COI management tool (prior to switching to Jones). The COI tool had somewhat improved the process – but only marginally so.

The biggest problem with the previous compliance software was the fact that it didn’t integrate with Procore – Bulley & Andrews’ preferred ConTech solution for all things construction management.

As a result, all the compliance data had to be manually uploaded, monitored, and updated independently, which took a few hours of time for every team member involved with compliance.

We used to have major workflow efficiency issues when it came to insurance compliance. The whole process was very manual and siloed. Our system was overloaded with redundant data, which, in turn, resulted in time wasted and delayed payments to our subcontractors.

Dana Erdman
Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews

This manual, siloed process employed by B&A was holding the company back, resulting in:

The team at B&A decided to improve the efficiency of their insurance compliance process and switch to a compliance solution that would fit its needs better, plus allow them to improve their construction accounts payable.

The main reason why we wanted to find a better compliance management platform was efficiency. The new solution needed to be so seamless that the amount of work spent by our team on requesting compliance would be minimal – minutes as opposed to several hours.

Dana Erdman
Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews

The Solution

In November 2021, Bulley & Andrews switched to the Jones Compliance Solution and started working on the system implementation.

When we first met with B&A they had a compliance management challenge, but they also had a workflow challenge. Specifically, their process for managing insurance compliance did not align with how they manage projects in Procore.

This was creating a lot of friction internally as well as for their subcontractors. We partnered with B&A, listened to their needs, and worked to develop an integration from the ground up. We continue to iterate on this after the go-live and the result has been a solution that makes their construction operations more fluid, compliance more seamless, AP processes more unencumbered, and an overall better experience for everyone involved.

Steve Botz
VP of Revenue, Jones

As of February 2022, there are 289 B&A projects running on Jones with 2,469 insurance documents under management.

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Results: 3 months later

In November 2021, Bulley & Andrews switched to the Jones Compliance Solution and started working on the system implementation, opting for a better subcontractor compliance management tool in Jones.

Hundreds of hours saved

At first, we did spend a lot of time working with the Jones team on setting up our desired compliance flow. We treated this time as an investment, and now we are seeing it pay off. Today, the time we spend on managing insurance compliance is down from several hours to minutes.

The compliance process has become
streamlined and efficient

Adding the Jones workflow to our Procore system really improved our overall efficiency. Bulley & Andrews now has a streamlined process, when all insurance compliance-related tasks are initiated directly from within our Procore account.

Instant visibility into compliance analytics for the management team

The ability to monitor the compliance status for every project through Jones compliance analytics is very helpful. It helps the B&A leadership to stay on top of things and manage each project manager’s performance when it comes to compliance.

Dana Erdman
Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews


Projects in Jones


COIs Processed

7 hrs

Avg. COI Review time