Jones has reduced the amount of time our team spends managing compliance by at least 50 percent. By improving our overall efficiency with Jones, we were able to ultimately decrease our net overhead which increased our net profit. In fact, we’ve been able to lower our overhead significantly more than the cost we pay for the software, so Jones is essentially paying for itself.

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson
Vice President of Operations

SavCon is a New York City and West Palm Beach based full-service Construction Management Company combining industry expertise with vertical integration to successfully execute large-scale projects. Their work spans the realms of commercial interiors, retail, hospitality, affordable and high-end residential, education, government, and ground-up projects.

The company had an ambitious goal to double their number of annual projects while providing the most thorough subcontractor insurance audits possible. Their project managers, administrators, accountants, and insurance broker all needed to be on the same page regarding subcontractors’ compliance. It was also important for SavCon’s compliance management workflows to integrate with their project management software, Procore.

The Challenge

As the company was getting ready to rapidly scale their business, SavCon knew their previous subcontractor compliance management tool wasn’t going to cut it. It didn’t allow for collaboration and frustrated users with its clunky UI and workflows. SavCon’s different teams needed to manually email documents to each other and the process to get subcontractors compliant was taking much longer than necessary.

The prior company we were using for vendor compliance management didn’t have a good platform. It felt very antiquated, was difficult to navigate, and was wasting everyone’s time. SavCon actually had to submit a COI through Jones to work on the commercial interior of a building and I loved the ease of uploading insurance documents so much that I decided to reach out!

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson
Vice President of Operations

SavCon needed a solution who could reliably audit insurance documents such as certificates of insurance, endorsements, and more.

In addition to the standard COI review process, the company wanted to audit their insurance documents beyond standard industry requirements to make sure their subcontactors are not cutting corners.

This is why SavCon was looking for a partner who could assist them with thorough audits of additional documents such as ACORD 855 forms and allow their broker to easily review entire subcontractor insurance policies.

For SavCon, enabling their broker to log in and review policies was critical because they had previously seen concerning exclusions hidden deep within policies and not visible in COIs. In order for the process to be efficient, their broker needed to be able to quickly review these policies and spot hidden exclusions within minutes.

With the previous company we were using, it was very difficult to work in coordination with our broker to weigh in on subcontractor policies. Their user interface was just not set up for this. We couldn’t collaborate with our broker at all and it was very chaotic to send policies back and forth for reviews.

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson
Vice President of Operations

The Solution

SavCon started using Jones in March 2022 and has since accomplished their goal of doubling its number of annual projects. They were able to win more bids by setting themselves apart from their competitors as a general contractor that goes above and beyond to protect clients from risk. All of their departments are now able to work together in a much more efficient and faster way including their project managers who never have to leave Procore to collect insurance COIs from subcontractors. Their team can quickly add many new subcontractors to projects without compromising on compliance.

Switching to Jones was a great business decision and I know it sets us apart from other general contractors who aren’t thoroughly auditing insurance documents. Probably half of our competitors don’t look at insurance documents to the level of detail that we do such as auditing ACORD 855 forms and doing entire policy reviews.

Jones helped us win more bids and set us apart from our competitors because our clients know we are going above and beyond to protect them from risk.

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson
Vice President of Operations
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Every department
at SavCon loves Jones


Our accounting team loves Jones because it centralizes insurance information and they can easily see which subcontractors are compliant for payment.

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Project Managers

Our Project Managers are able to send COI requests and view insurance information directly within Procore through Jones’ integration.

Insurance Broker

Our broker loves collaborating with our team in Jones and prefers this to other software on the market because he’s able to review policies much faster. With Jones, he can leave notes on subcontractors’ records and never needs to start email chains with our team about policy information.


Jones catches things that I would never have been able to see such as misspelled words, wrong endorsements, and incorrect policy numbers. Their review process is much deeper than I would have ever been able to do on my own.


Lastly, our subcontractors are often already familiar with Jones because of how popular it is in New York City. They definitely prefer this platform to our previous software.

Saria Narine

Saria Narine
Administrator, SavCon


COIs reviewed for compliance


Request for COI response rate


Reduction in company time spent on COI management