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3 min read
The Jones Insurance Insider May 2023: How an Additional Insured status mistake left a construction company unprotected in a multimillion-dollar suit
Welcome to Jones’ monthly newsletter, your one-stop-shop for insurance news and COI management tips built for prop
Real Estate
9 min read
Can ChatGPT Help With Extracting Insurance Requirements From Lease Agreements?
AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are taking the world by storm, and the CRE community is no exception. Can AI take a task as c
Real Estate
10 min read
myCOI vs. Jones: Comparing Two Leading COI Tracking Solutions
Certificates of insurance (COIs) are a critical aspect of risk management in the construction and commercial real estate
Real Estate
4 min read
4 Ways Jones Helps Prevent Expired COIs From Falling Through The Cracks
COI renewals can creep up and expose your company to high levels of risk. Dealing with a handful of COIs can be manageab
Real Estate
5 min read
5 Ways Jones Helps Procore Users Save Time On Managing Subcontractor COIs
You’re probably aware of how extremely time consuming the process of managing subcontractor certificates of insura
7 min read
The Death Of The COI Tracker
Why we launched The Jones Network to fix insurance compliance for good. Imagine a world where insurance compliance is no
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