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Getting tenants and vendors compliant has never been easier

From collecting and auditing insurance certificates to providing tenants with pre-approved vendors for their service needs - Jones gives you the insurance tracking system you need to simplify compliance for every use case.

Staying on top of expiration and renewals has never been easier

Whether you need to extract lease requirements or process COIs and track their expiration, Jones is there to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your compliance is being handled.

Getting your contractors on-site on time has never been easier

Purposely built to handle both general contractor and subcontractor compliance, Jones helps to streamline the collection and verification of all certificates of insurance and ensures you are managing risk appropriately.

Compliance has never been easier

No matter the use case, if your work involves collecting COIs or sourcing vendors, Jones offers the compliance management solutions you need to improve operational efficiency and increase compliance across your organization.

For offices
For retail & industrial
For construction
For other asset classes

Real Estate Owners

Jones provides property owners with complete visibility into the state of compliance of each party operating on their property - warning about imminent compliance lapses and helping resolve them before they become an issue for the property or tenant.

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Property Managers

Whether it’s making sure tenants and vendors are compliant or providing top-quality vendors to handle tenant needs, Jones helps property managers improve the tenant experience while saving them both time and money.

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Developers & Contractors

Developers working with countless subcontractors need a way to ensure and track their certificate of insurance compliance. With Jones, developers can onboard new vendors with the click of a button and immediately start tracking their compliance across job sites.

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Jones is transforming the way our teams operate on a daily basis, freeing up valuable time so property managers can focus on operational excellence and an enhanced tenant experience.

- Nicole Hom, SVP JLL

Our clients:

See measurable value in weeks

Admins say they’ve gotten back 30 percent of their time - about 12 hours per week. It now takes 75 percent less time to get a vendor’s COI verified and compliant, and customers have seen first-time compliance rates improve by three times.

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Seamless Onboarding

Jones can easily be integrated into your existing processes and workflows - allowing you to get set up and started using Jones at your property almost immediately.

Integrated Experience

Jones provides communication, workflow automation, and third-party integration capabilities that make it a natural hub for all your business and property management needs.

Customized Branding

Jones can easily be customized to fit your brand, with everything from the colors and logo of our platform to the domain of email communications tailored to your specifications.

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