Jones is a modern solution for a problem stuck in the past - insurance compliance. We believe compliance should be instant, so we built technology that removes hundreds of hours in administrative work to make your projects run quicker and smoother.

Convenient Automation

Maintain compliance within your enterprise systems by connecting to APIs.

Fast and Accurate

Instantly verify that insurance certificates match requirements and get notified about gaps.

Easy to Understand

Get simple reports and seamless updates for faster processing of insurance compliance.

Programmable Compliance

An API that provides fast and accurate compliance checkups for independent contractors, all at once.

  • Verify that contractors are compliant or get notified instantly when they're not.
  • Includes online dashboards for reviewing vendor compliance and managing all compliance documents online.

Programmable Insurance

An API that provides independent contractors with affordable insurance on-demand so they can get compliant without a hassle.

  • Make sure that all Subs are insured for project-specific risks.
  • Includes a mobile insurance app with simple onboarding that your contractors will love.

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