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Prefered Pricing

With our new partnership, JLL has established preferred pricing for any office asset across the JLL portfolio that is interested in the Jones compliance software. A pre-approved master service agreement allows you to easily opt-in for Jones' services and start managing your compliance automatically within days.

Easy Rollout

With the master service agreement in place, JLL properties can get set up and running on Jones within days. All we need is your insurance requirements and a list of contacts, and our team will have your account set up for you within hours. From there, you can start sending out invites with the click of a button.

Liability Management Rebuilt

Increase compliance and put COIs on auto-pilot

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JLL Case Study

JLL Property Teams across the U.S are using Jones to reduce liability and improve property performance.

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As property managers we are tasked with many responsibilities. Overall though, it is our job to protect the value of our owner’s investment. Simply put, Jones enables us to better protect our owner, and ourselves, by improving how we handle insurance compliance for vendors and tenants. The fact that it saves my team the time and effort of reviewing the COIs is just an added benefit

- Dawn Stankos, Senior General manager

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