Our Story - Jones

The Jones founders spent years providing services in commercial real estate when they discovered a systemic problem: owners, managers and developers have strict insurance requirements that make it almost impossible for vendors to be compliant across all properties.

We asked commercial real estate companies what, in their ideal world, would they wish for when managing the insurance process? The message was consistent: “We want to do less and get better results.” So, we rebuilt liability management from the ground up. Message received.

Our Mission

Jones is not just another certificate tracker. Jones is a liability solution.

For commercial real estate owners, managers and developers who need to solve insurance certificates for everyone in the value chain, Jones is the simplest liability solution ever made.

We serve hundreds of commercial properties and process thousands of transactions every day. Our process is so easy that you’ll be surprised we’re a PropTech company. All we need is your insurance requirements and we have your property up and running in minutes.

We're in the city that never sleeps, that way our customers can rest easy

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