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Jones is an insurance platform helping construction companies and subcontractors to cut the cost of insurance compliance.

We provide an easy, automated insurance checkup that speeds ups the process of managing COIs, frees up to 30% of project management time and allows subcontractors to bid for any project with on-demand liability policies.

Here’s why you’ll love Jones

Increase employee productivity

Project managers and assistants spend 20-30% of their workday handling COIs.

By automating the process, Jones frees up precious time for your employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Ensure upfront validation

70% of COIs fail to comply with the project’s requirements. Jones detects those pesky compliance gaps for you and makes sure they are remedied.

Better yet, enter the project’s requirements and Jones will automatically transform it into a fully-compliant tailor-made policy for your vendors.

Hire anyone you’d like

Why should finding a compliant vendor be so tough? Jones reverses the process and allows you to first hire any vendor you like and then get him covered with an instant project-based policy.

This way you can maintain your quality standards, while reducing your maintenance, repair and subcontracting costs.

Grow faster

Jones’ ultimate purpose is to help you grow your enterprise, avoiding any project delays, suspensions or unnecessary foot-dragging caused by compliance issues.

Once your project is defined, Jones will make sure everything goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Business growth can be tough. Here’s how we solve it:

Excellent project managers drive your business. Any activity that increases their bandwidth means faster enterprise growth. Yet 25-30% of project assistant overhead goes to handling certificates of insurance. Jones helps you cut that to 5% so you can support more project managers and accelerate your business.

Certificate renewals can be tough. Here’s how we solve it:

Is tracking down a renewal certificate taking weeks? Get rid of long-winded email threads, confusing spreadsheets and annoying phone calls. Jones gives you automated communications between property managers, tenants and vendors so that you don't have to worry that your vendors are working on site without a valid insurance policy.

Reducing exposure can be tough. Here’s how we solve it:

On average, 7 of 10 of vendors are not compliant with insurance on the property. That’s because risk management is a highly technical job that is prone to human error. Why waste resources on a bad job? Instead, let Jones automate everything from tracking to auditing to internal and external reporting on compliance. Easy, accurate and real-time.

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