Speeding up the management of subcontractor COIs requires a combination of efficiency and optimization through the right subcontractor compliance management tool.

Here are the five strategies we focus on:

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Use Global Insurance Requirements For Subcontractors And Vendors

A trend that is becoming increasingly more common in the construction industry is the use of blanket additional insured endorsements. Essentially, a blanket additional insured endorsement provides coverage to other groups or individuals that were not initially named in the policy.

Your company can use the same blanket additional insured language in an endorsement for all subcontractors and vendors. This would enable you to create a set of Global Insurance Requirements that don’t differ from project-to-project.

With Global Insurance Requirements in the Jones + Procore Integration, all you need is one compliant COI for a subcontractor to work on any project across your Procore account.

Global Insurance Requirements in Procore

This helps teams save time in a few different ways:

  • Simplify renewals across all projects in Procore: If a subcontractor is working across 10 different projects on your account and their COI is expiring next month, you won’t need to collect 10 unique COIs. If the subcontractor has a Global Insurance Requirement, you will only need one updated COI for the sub to be compliant across all projects in Procore.
  • Avoid redundant communication: You won’t need to go back and forth with each subcontractor or vendor for multiple COIs and approvals on each new project.
  • Qualify subcontractors instantly for new projects: Subcontractors with global insurance requirements can be instantly qualified for projects in Procore, and get started working right away!

Don’t Waste Time Switching Between Tabs – Make Sure You Choose The Correct Procore Integration Partner

Needing to switch back and forth between tabs to manage compliance will significantly slow you down.

For example, each project accountant at Bulley & Andrews was wasting 2-3 hours per week on managing compliance. This was mostly due to the fact that Procore, their preferred ConTech solution for all things construction management, was not synced with their compliance software. This lead to a very manual, siloed, and time intensive workflow, and they needed to improve their construction accounts payable.

“Adding the Jones workflow to our Procore system really improved our overall efficiency. Today, the time we spend on managing insurance compliance is down from several hours to minutes.”

– Dana Erdman, Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews

Because Jones is the only insurance compliance management app in the Procore Marketplace with an embedded integration, the synchronization of data between Jones + Procore is unparalleled to any other company in the space. That being said, users can create new Jones projects directly within Procore. Once you create a new project in Procore, simply click the “Jones App – Compliance Solution” button, and you’ll be able to add the new project into Jones without needing to leave the Procore workflow.

Create a new project on Jones within Procore

Select the team members you want to add to the project, info for additional insured, and certificate holder details. It’s as quick as that!

Creating a new Project in Procore

Streamline COI Collection

Having a convoluted process for requesting COIs from subcontractors and vendors can slow down the whole compliance workflow. Collecting COIs needs to be simple and quick.

With Jones, users can send COI requests to subcontractors and vendors directly within Procore. There’s no need to switch over to Jones for this crucial task.

Request subcontractor COIs in Procore

Additionally, if you already have the COI from a vendor or subcontractor, you can manually upload it to Jones directly within Procore.

Add Subcontractor COIs in Procore

Automate COI Renewals

Managing a calendar of policy expiration dates for subcontractors and vendors can be a very time consuming ordeal. Actually following up with each subcontractor during renewal periods to collect their updated COIs can take even longer! Jones can automate this process, and proactively send out a series of emails one month before subcontractors’ COIs are about to expire.

Auto Renewal emails in Jones of Subcontractor COIs

Ensure New Requirements Can Easily Be Added To Projects

Let’s face it… some projects will have unique insurance requirements. That’s just the way of the construction industry, and there’s nothing you can change about that. However, it’s important for your team to easily be able to add new requirements to projects in Procore.

Adding custom requirements to projects in Procore is a fast and easy process with Jones. When requesting a COI from a subcontractor within Procore, all a user needs to do is click “Add Custom Requirements” from the dropdown bar.

Add new insurance requirements to a Jones Project in Procore

Requirements can be uploaded as a PDF or Word Doc, and they’ll be added to the Procore Project within 24 hours.

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