What is a Certificate Holder

A Certificate Holder is a person or organization to whom the certificate is being provided as evidence of insurance. In the commercial real estate space, the Certificate Holder is typically required to be the landlord, property manager, or both.

A COI’s Certificate Holder usually appears at the bottom left of the certificate in the designated Certificate Holder box, but if the broker runs out of space there, she may also note the Certificate Holder in the Description of Operations or on an Additional Remarks page.

You can learn more in Jones’ Insurance Guide: What is a Certificate Holder

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Should You Be Listed as a Certificate Holder on Vendor COIs?

Being a Certificate Holder on your vendor’s certificate of insurance is a formality.

Certificate Holders are not entitled to any of the benefits of an insurance policy. This is explicitly stated at the top of any Accord form you have received.

Certificate Holder - Acord 25

Being listed as a Certificate Holder does not come with any protection from claims.

A Certificate Holder does, however, have the right to be informed. The Certificate Holder may receive advance written notice if the policyholder decides to cancel the policy at any time. However, in practice, it is very rare for this to actually happen. By our estimate, insurers fail to notify the Certificate Holder of cancellation in 98% of cases.

Often times the broker does not even share the certificate holders with the insurers.

How Jones Expedites Compliance by Listing Itself as Certificate Holder

Of all the barriers to achieving compliance, Certificate Holder requirementsare perhaps the least meaningful. By standardizing the Certificate Holder, Jones allows vendors to more fluidly work across properties while reducingthe friction of the compliance process that frustrates all parties involved.

Atthe same time, Jones transforms paper notices that easily get lost in the mailinto convenient email notifications.

Benefits of Listing Jones as a Certificate Holder

  • Simplifies the auditing process for all certificates
  • Reduces the stream of physical mail that property teams will receive
  • Jones has a PO box where we receive the mail and then digitize and upload it to the platform
  • Jones can forward notices of cancellation when relevant

So how does it work?

Jones receives physical notices of cancellation in the mail frominsurers, scans the into digital format, and then emails whomever youdesignate to be notified.

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