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We’re trying to fill the knowledge gap with our newest video course, designed to make it a bit easier for you to compare the policies and limits listed on your tenant COIs to what insurance is required by your leases. Our work helping property management teams at some of the largest CRE brands in the U.S has allowed us to observe some topics even the most experienced PMs struggle with, including:

  • The difference between personal injury and personal advertising injury
  • What kind of accidents are covered by damage to rented premises limits as opposed to property insurance
  • How to review Workers’ Compensation limits in stop-gap and monopolistic states

Run into issues with any of these in the past? We’ve gotten great feedback from customers on how these videos helped them navigate tricky language in leases. This course has been developed in conjunction with our team of lease extraction experts who have incorporated their learnings into a series of easy-to-understand videos. Interested in seeing what it’s all about? This excerpt of the course features Alex Kario, Senior Director of Auditing Operations here at Jones, talking through the aforementioned difference between personal advertising injury and personal injury. Let’s dive in.

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What’s Covered Under Personal Advertising Injury and How Does it Appear in Leases?

Key Takeaways

Personal advertising injury:

  • Covers intangible damages like violation of privacy, libel, or copyright infringement
  • Has its own row on a COI in the general liability section

Personal injury:

  • Is how legal professionals refer to a much broader class of claims that encompasses injury or death, physical ailments, physical injuries, as well as the intangible, injuries
  • Does not directly align with the terminology found on the COI 
  • Should be taken to mean bodily injury, which is represented on the “Each Occurrence” row

When reviewing leases for personal advertising injury you should:

  • Look for terminology indicating the limit goes towards intangible damages including slander, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or violation of privacy
  • Not extract any limit that contains verbiage around physical injury, including bodily injury or injury to persons

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