Democratizing Compliance

The commercial real estate industry deserves a simpler way to streamline compliance, and Jones is committed to removing the compliance barrier from the sourcing and procurement process with any service provider, vendor, or subcontractor. However, this should not be done in silos. Real estate professionals should be able to manage and track their properties’ compliance in their system of record, where they onboard tenants and vendors every day.

The Jones Open API is a ‘no-code connector’ that you can simply plug and play to streamline compliance across your own workflows and core systems.

The Jones Compliance API for Property Managers

Easily incorporate insurance compliance into your own workflows and core systems – accounting, property management, construction project management, CRM, and more. The Jones Compliance API supports easy collection, processing and tracking of certificates of insurance.

Jones can be seamlessly integrated with other real estate platforms, such as Yardi, MRI, RealPage, and more.

Our core API set contains a simple, one-line code that gets you up and running in minutes. This option allows you to initiate a COI request from your system of record, by adding the Jones widget.

The Jones Compliance API for Construction

Our integrated API populates all the insurance compliance data back into your system of record, for example, on a native insurance widget for account payable purposes through your real estate accounting platform.

Our more advanced option allows developers to control every step of the insurance requirements flow, properties and user management. This deeper level of integration lets you incorporate insurance compliance seamlessly in your application’s user interface.

Let’s Build Together

In the past couple of years, we’ve been working with leading software providers who have integrated the Jones API. We’re delighted to report that during that time, hundreds of thousands of records have been created by our API partners who enjoy a seamless compliance experience every day!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll create using our new API!