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#1. Automate your compliance workflow from within Procore

Gone are the days of manually auditing, tracking, and reporting on insurance compliance. If Procore is where all of your operational data lives, it’s where your up-to-date vendor insurance data should be as well. Through Jones, all compliance information for your vendors can seamlessly sync and live within Procore. By pushing data to common accounting softwares, the Jones Procore integration also helps improve construction accounts payable.

Description of the Procore and Jones Integration | Flow of compliance data between both platforms

#2. Using Procore already? It’s easy to get started with Jones

Getting started with Jones is quick, seamless, and simple. After speaking with a member of our sales team, the Jones team can help you get all set up in a matter of weeks, not months.

Firstly, Jones will collect your insurance requirements in order to understand the exact specifics to audit against. Secondly, Jones will do an initial audit of all your vendors that are currently on Procore. Lastly, you’ll be guided through the Jones platform by a dedicated customer success representative.

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#3. Single source of truth for all compliance data, accessible within Procore

Anyone on your team can kick off the COI collection process directly within Procore at any time in a project’s lifecycle. Project managers will never need to leave the Procore workflow to see their vendor’s compliance information. Everyone in your company (risk managers, accounting, contract team, project managers) will have true visibility and access into vendor compliance.

Ultimately, having a single source of truth for all compliance data will enable your team to save a tremendous amount of time and reduce the number of delayed vendor payments.

#4. Save a significant amount of time

Jones’ construction customers report time savings of hundreds of hours a month through the Procore integration. All COIs reviewed by Jones are audited in under 24 hours (5 hours on average) so you can get your vendors compliant and working on projects in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.Driven by domain and process specific micro-workflows, Jones automates data extraction, COI validation, interpretation and resolution 10 times faster than individual human risk managers.

#5. Simplified experience for vendors

The simplicity of uploading a COI as a vendor is one of the fundamental aspects that customers love most about Jones. Put yourself in the shoes of a subcontractor… would you be more likely to respond to a COI request email from a company you haven’t heard of, or from the construction company you are working with? The answer is clear. With Jones, all emails can be branded to make it look and feel like the correspondence is coming directly from your company.

Example branded email that a vendor will receive through the Procore and Jones Integration for Compliance

Additionally, there’s no login required for vendors to upload their COIs. This creates very little barrier to entry and a truly seamless experience for vendors. Chances are, many vendors will simply be forwarding these emails to their insurance brokers. The easy upload process makes it simple for all parties involved.

#6. Liability protection through Jones

There’s a high chance that whoever is currently auditing COIs at your company is not an insurance expert. As a result, a project manager at your company could make an honest mistake or misread a vendor’s COI. If an incident arises and there is a claim, your company has no recourse. The vendor’s insufficient insurance could mean that your construction company will need to pay out the claim.

Even though Jones has a 99.99% accuracy in audits performed, they carry their own liability insurance. This means that in the very unlikely event of Jones mis-performing an audit and a claim arising, they have insurance in place so you will not be held liable for the claim. In a nutshell, in the extremely rare chance that Jones mis-performs an audit and there’s a claim, you’re still protected by Jones!

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