Introducing Tenant-Vendors from Jones

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As you know, managing vendor compliance through Jones is a walk in the park. However, coordinating with your tenants and ensuring compliance of the vendors that they want to bring on-site can be a little more tricky. The team at Jones created Tenant-Vendors for property managers who want to:

-Stop being the middleman between tenants and their vendors

-Improve tenant experience

-Enable tenants to complete projects faster

Let’s take a look and see how Tenant-Vendors streamlines vendor compliance for both property and office managers.

Introducing Tenant-Vendors From Jones

For Property Managers:

Gone are the days of vendor requests from tenants becoming massive email chains in your inbox.

With Tenant-Vendors you can now have the peace of mind knowing that tenants are bringing compliant vendors into your property.

Now you can improve tenant experience by empowering all office managers to seamlessly make vendor requests themselves. As a property manager, you’ll have complete visibility over this but won’t need to be the middleman between your tenants and their vendors. 

Additionally, property managers have the ability to set insurance requirements that all of the tenant-vendors can be audited against. The requirements for specific vendors can be changed by property managers as needed.

Both the tenant and the property manager will receive a notification once the vendor is approved.

Example of Tenant-Vendor page from a tenant's point of view
The blue arrow indicates the name of your tenant’s vendor. The red arrow indicates the name of your tenant. For example, you can see in this image above that “Margaret’s Cleaning” is a compliant vendor for the tenant called “Wisotsky Enterprises”.

For Tenants:

The job of an office manager is to give their employees the best possible workplace experience, not to analyze COIs under a microscope all day!

Tenant-Vendors enables office managers to quickly complete all of the projects their office needs, without having to check with building management to see if a vendor’s insurance is compliant

An office manager can seamlessly login to their account on Jones and invite a vendor to submit a COI for approval.

Speed is crucial for tenants, and Tenant-Vendors can help office managers in your property thrive. Both property and office managers will be notified within 24 hours once the vendor’s COI is approved.

In addition, an office manager can see if a vendor is already compliant within their building and then seamlessly work with them without needing to request another COI.

It’s as simple as that!

Tenant-Vendor from the point of view of an office manager
An office manager’s view of Tenant-Vendors.


Workflow of an office manager requesting a vendor
Office managers can request a COI from a new vendor by simply the click of a button! The team at Jones will review the vendor’s COI within 24 hours (5 hours on average).

Here’s what our customers are saying:

Tenant-Vendors is the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone I have dealt with at Jones has been professional, pleasant, responsive, and have been extremely helpful with this new tenant experience.”


-Raymond Mosley, Insurance & Compliance Manager @ ABS Partners


“Tenant-Vendors is amazing. Before Jones, it used to take us forever to wrangle vendors. Now, it’s just a few clicks – and poof, the request goes out and it’s all sorted. I can’t thank you enough!”


-Brad, National Urban League @ 80 Pine Street

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