While Jones is a cloud-based company that can be operated remotely, our customers are dealing with another story altogether – owners and managers have a fiduciary duty to their clients to keep buildings open and continue serving tenants. Every day, managers and vendors are on the front lines making sure residences and commercial environments are accessible, safe, clean and disinfected from Coronavirus.

It’s time for the PropTech industry to step up. Thousands of properties are discovering new Coronavirus cases every day. Last week, New York City crossed 100,000 tested cases. To put that in perspective, there is more than one Coronavirus case for every commercial building in this city.

While the real estate world has generally been opaque with protecting and segregating valuable data, some companies have been trying to change that. Whether it’s companies like Reonomy or 42 Floors, whose main goal is to make the real estate industry more transparent, or companies like Enertiv, who have taken it upon themselves to share data insights in this time of need, transparency in real estate is increasingly important.

We see it on the Jones platform every day – hundreds of insurance certificates are being processed so vendors can get approved for work. While the economy has ground to a halt, Jones has only seen a slight dip in usage.

But, we need to do more. Property managers have a serious shortage of cleaners and environmental remediators to disinfect our properties. Jones wants to help with this effort to the best of our ability.

Today, we are publishing the full list of vendors that have been approved for work across thousands of NYC commercial and residential buildings running on Jones. We hope this data will be valuable to real estate managers struggling to access vendors to service properties and keep people safe during this crisis. Visit our landing page or sign up below to get access.

Over the next few months, real estate companies will need to make important decisions about safety and efficiency. These decisions will need to be made quickly and in less than ideal conditions; therefore, having the proper data readily available to make an informed decision will be more impactful than ever.

Stay safe, New York.