Which Compliance Management Software Should Procore Users Choose?

Looking for Compliance Management Software that Integrates with Procore?

Here’s how top compliance management solutions that integrate with Procore compare side-by-side.


Procore’s App Marketplace features many compliance management solutions for construction companies. Browse through the “Legal & Compliance” or “Risk Management” section and you’ll see numerous options. Each company operates uniquely and integrates with Procore’s software in fundamentally different ways.

Selecting the right compliance management solution that integrates with Procore is an important decision, so we’ve put together this chart to help your construction company make the right choice.

Comparison chart of Procore Integration Partners


Why Integrate Compliance Software with Procore?

Compliance Management Companies can help mitigate risk, but their solutions are only truly effective if integrated efficiently into existing workflows. For example, Bulley & Andrews’ biggest problem with their previous compliance software was the fact that it didn’t integrate with Procore. They were uploading, monitoring, and updating compliance data manually and then reporting it back to Procore. This was wasting 2-3 hours per week per project accountant and delayed about 50% of payments to subcontractors (you can read more here about why Bulley and Andrews’ switched to Jones).

“Adding the Jones workflow to our Procore system really improved our overall efficiency. Bulley & Andrews now has a streamlined process, when all insurance compliance-related tasks are initiated directly from within our Procore account.”


-Dana Erdman, Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews.

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#1 Integration Type

Integration type Procore Jones

Jones is the only compliance management solution that has an Embedded Integration within Procore. Not only is this true amongst the two other compliance solutions on this matrix, but also amongst the many other compliance management solutions on Procore’s app marketplace including SmartCompliance, EBIX, and CTrax as well.

Types of Procore Integration Partners Compliance Management

So what does an “embedded” integration mean? Here’s some information taken directly from Procore’s Documentation Page:

Data Connection Apps:

A data connection app acts as a connector between Procore and other external data systems. A data connection app can provide the link between their legacy systems and Procore, importing/exporting data between the two systems as needed.


Embedded Apps:

Embedded apps display directly within the Procore user interface. This embedded functionality benefits the end user by enabling streamlined and more efficient workflows. With an embedded App, the user does not need to constantly switch between Procore and an installed App in order to perform integration tasks. The result is a more unified and improved user experience.

This is by far the biggest advantage Jones has over every other compliance management solution that integrates with Procore. Because Jones is an embedded integration partner, users can do the following directly within Procore’s workflow:

  • Create new projects
  • Initiate COIs requests to subcontractors
  • Upload COIs from subcontractors

Jones Procore Embedded Features

Other companies require their users to switch back and forth between platforms to do these actions. No other compliance management app has the ability to initiate these crucial tasks within Procore.


#2 Data Sync to Procore

Jones Data Sync to Procore

Jones, MyCOI, and TrustLayer all automatically sync data into Procore. You won’t have to worry about manually syncing data with any of these companies.

Data flows instantly from Procore to Jones, and from Jones into Procore every night.


#3 COI Point of Contact Email

Jones COI Point of Contact Email Procore

Imagine opening up your Procore account and seeing a subcontractor who is supposed to come work on your construction project next week but their insurance is not-compliant. You’ll need to get in touch with that subcontractor ASAP and get them compliant before coming on site. 

Jones is the only integration partner that can store a best COI point of contact email directly next to the subcontractor’s insurance information within Procore so you can quickly see who to contact without needing to search anywhere else.

Best Point of Contact Jones Procore


#4 COI Expiration Date

COI Expiration Date Jones Procore

All integration partners display COI expiration dates within Procore. They can be found by going to the directory, clicking on a subcontractor, and within the insurance tab.

Expiration Dates Jones Procore


#5 COI Audit Time

Jones COI Audit Time Procore

It’s critical for your compliance management solution to audit COIs in a timely manner. Quick audits will enable your subcontractors to get paid and start working faster. Jones has one of the fastest COI audit times in the industry – under 5 hours on average. Even during the busy renewal periods, Jones average audit time only increases by 3 to 4 hours at most.

MyCOI customers have reported significant audit time delays around the busy renewal periods and TrustLayer’s audit times vary based on the components they are tracking within a COI. Other compliance management solutions not featured on this matrix such as SmartCompliance have a 48 hour audit time.


#6 Compliance Status in ProcoreJones Compliane Status within Procore

All integration partners enable users to view the compliance status of subcontractors within Procore. Additionally, Jones, MyCOI, and TrustLayer all show breakdowns of the compliance statuses on specific policies within COIs as well.

Procore Compliance Status Jones


#7 Auto Expiration Notifications

Auto Expiration Notifications Jones Procore

All integration partners have the ability to set auto expiration notifications within Procore’s workflow. This means you won’t need to remind yourself to email a subcontractor when their COI expires. Jones, MyCOI, and TrustLayer enable users to toggle this feature on or off for subcontractors within Procore.

With Jones, subcontractors are sent a series of emails starting one month before their COI expires.


#8 Contract Requirement Extractions

Contract Requirement Extractions Jones Procore

Every COI needs to be audited against a set of requirements. MyCOI charges per contract requirement extraction and TrustLayer is unable to extract requirements from contracts.

Jones offers an unlimited amount of free contract requirement extractions. 


The Bottom Line

The most robust and only compliance solution with an embedded integration in Procore’s App Marketplace is Jones. While MyCOI and TrustLayer can get the job done, Jones has the most seamless, bi-directional integration with Procore’s workflow.

PS: Check out this article on the 6 Benefits of the Jones + Procore Integration for managing Risk and Compliance. It goes over many additional features not mentioned in this chart such as how easy the Jones Platform is for subcontractors to use and the liability protection offered by Jones.


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