Quick summary:

You can access detailed subcontractor insurance data and risk management tools from within the Project Directory and Commitments tool with the new Jones Procore Side Panel app (more options might be available within the next months—stay tuned). Our customers say that managing insurance compliance in a side panel is:

—“game changing for contracts and AP teams” (find out why)

“really beneficial to project teams because it’ll allow them to do their jobs more efficiently” (read more)

—will free up risk managers from answering basic insurance questions, freeing up more of their time to do other tasks (hear it in their own words)

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If you haven’t yet made a note of Procore announcing its side panel, you should definitely keep an eye on it, and all the new possibilities it opens for your team.

Basically, some tools that already integrate with Procore can now appear as a side panel in your Procore account when you click the dock icon. One such tool is Jones.

We’ve already been offering insurance compliance management through our bi-directional, embedded integration with Procore. Now, all your subcontractor insurance data, (including compliance status and coverage gaps), and risk management tools are also available as a side panel inside your Procore account. As of May 2, 2024, Jones is the only subcontractor insurance tool that offers a Procore Side Panel experience.

What’s so special about managing insurance compliance from a side panel?

It’s a whole different experience. Imagine Siri exists inside your Procore account, available to answer any question you have.

Not only is the Jones Side Panel app available in the Procore account (versus some other software that you have to access in a different tab)—it appears exactly when and where you need it.

In the words of the release posted by the Procore team, “When a user opens an integrated app from within the side panel, it appears right next to the Procore tool they use.”

For example, if you are a contract manager, and you need to double check that you have a signed contract and a compliant COI before getting a subcontractor paid, you are probably working on this task in the Procore Commitments tool. If you are also a customer of Jones, all you need to do is click the dock button, and the side panel will show you all the subcontractor insurance data you need, including the compliance status and coverage gaps, if any. 

Here’s how it looks:

Jones Side Panel Procore screenshot

Without leaving the Commitments tool, you have access to the following data:

  • Subcontractor name
  • COI contact (email)
  • Insurance requirements applied
  • COI status (for example, Compliant, Not Compliant, and more)
  • Vendor Status (e.g. Ongoing)
  • COI expiration date
  • Compliance status for every requirement (plus the detailed reasons for non-compliance)

You can also perform certain COI management tasks right inside the side panel:

  • Request new insurance documents
  • Override an insurance coverage gap by marking it as compliant or waived
  • Mention coworkers in team notes
  • Upload new insurance documents on behalf of subcontractors
  • And much more

Where in Procore can you access the Jones Side Panel?

Currently, you can access the Jones Side Panel in two Procore areas:

  • Commitments tool (for customers who have Procore Project Financials)
  • Project Directory

In the future, the Jones Side Panel app may be accessible in other areas in Procore—stay tuned!

How is managing insurance with a side panel different from other setups?

Let’s compare managing subcontractor insurance compliance via a Jones side panel app with other options. If you are a general contractor with a Procore account, you have three options available to you:

  • Use Jones. We offer an embedded integration with Procore and now a side panel experience, too.
  • Use another COI tracking/management tool that integrates with Procore (anything listed on a Procore marketplace). It won’t be embedded and you won’t have access to a side panel experience.
  • Use a tool that doesn’t offer a Procore integration. For anything related to subcontractor insurance, you’d need to head to a separate application tool or a spreadsheet.

Going back to our contract manager example, let’s see how checking if a subcontractor has a complaint COI will look like in each of these scenarios:

Jones side panel comparison matrix

Why other Procore users are excited about managing insurance compliance with the Jones Side Panel:

We asked two of our existing customers what they think about the Jones Side Panel experience, and how different teams at their organizations might use it. Here is what they had to say. 

Contract management and AP teams: obtaining more information, faster

“The Jones Side Panel app is definitely game changing for Contracts and AP teams. It makes obtaining information a lot faster: I can view whether a sub is compliant and what’s missing with one click. Before the side panel became available, I’d have to click on several screens to get the insurance information.”
— Sarah Michels, Contract Manager at Bogard Construction

Project management teams: task efficiency

“The Jones Side Panel experience is really beneficial to our project teams because it’ll allow them to do their jobs more efficiently rather than spending time navigating and logging into different websites and figuring out new software.”
— Jessica Maxwell, Risk Management Specialist at Harvey Cleary

Risk teams: less emails about basics of COIs and ability to focus on strategic items

“The Jones Side Panel will keep project managers more informed about subcontractors’ insurance, which means no more emailing the risk management department every time a subcontractor is non-compliant. Instead, I can focus on helping them with other tasks.”
— Jessica Maxwell, Risk Management Specialist at Harvey Cleary

Already a customer of Jones and Procore? Here’s how to get started with the Procore Side Panel:

Reach out to your customer success manager to help you set up the Jones Side Panel.