Resolving Not Compliant COIs

Last updated: April 17, 2024

Once subcontractors submit their insurance documents, they are thoroughly reviewed by Jones. You’ll be able to see the status of each subcontractor’s insurance documents within Procore.

If the subcontractor has insufficient coverage, it will be marked within Procore as "Not Compliant." These coverage gaps can be thought of as blind spots within subcontractors’ insurance protection that leave you vulnerable and exposed to risk. You’ll want to resolve these gaps as soon as possible.

With Jones, users don’t need to leave Procore to view subcontractors’ specific insurance coverage gaps. All coverage gaps are clearly displayed within the Procore project and company directories.

Want to learn more about how Jones reviews insurance documents for coverage gaps? Read our blog posts about how Jones reviews certificates of insurance for compliance here and how Jones review endorsements for compliance here.

When reviewing insurance documents, there are many reasons why Jones may mark a COI as not compliant. This includes but is not limited to:

Want to learn more about the niche construction-specific endorsements and insurance requirements Jones reviews insurance documents for? Read more on our blog here.

There are many other instances where Jones can mark coverage gaps when reviewing insurance documents. When getting started on Jones, you’ll speak with our Risk and Compliance team for a standard auditing practices review. During this meeting, you’ll get to choose how granular Jones should be when reviewing your insurance documents. Learn more about this in the Implementation and Onboarding section of the Jones Procore help center.

You can always speak with your customer success manager to review what constitutes a coverage gap for your company.

You can view subcontractor insurance coverage gaps directly within Procore by looking up the company in the project or company directory.

Simply select a company in the directory under "Users" or "Companies" and click on the “Insurance” tab in their profile. From here, you’ll be able to see any specific insurance coverage gaps.

Users can override insurance coverage gaps to either waive the gaps or mark them as compliant. This can’t be done within Procore, so users will need to go to Jones to override insurance coverage gaps. Once a gap is overridden as either waived or compliant, it will be marked as compliant within Procore.

Only Jones users with Admin and Compliance Manager permissions can override insurance coverage gaps. Overriden gaps will be reflected as "Compliant" within Procore the next day (after the nightly sync EST from Jones to Procore).

With Jones, there are multiple ways you can help subcontractors resolve their coverage gaps.

  1. Jones emails about coverage gaps
  2. How to request new insurance documents
  3. How subcontractors can manage compliance in Procore

Subcontractors will receive emails notifying them of any insurance coverage gaps. You can choose to send these gap notification emails yourself or have Jones automatically send them for you. See information here on these emails and the frequency they are sent to subcontractors.

You can easily request new insurance documents from subcontractors at any time in Jones.

You’ll need to leave Procore and head over to Jones for this.

Step #1: Log in to Jones and navigate to the "Not Compliant" record

Step #2: Hit "Request New COI" on the bottom right-hand corner

 The "Request New COI" button will say "Resend Invitation" if the subcontractor has previously been unresponsive. The button may also read "Send Gaps" in other instances where the subcontractor’s insurance documents are not compliant for reasons unrelated to expired policies.

Subcontractors can access Jones within Procore to upload insurance documents and manage their own compliance. For more information about how subcontractors can access Jones in Procore, see the Procore help center page here.

Once logged into the Jones Procore app, subcontractors can take the following actions and view information to help them resolve insurance coverage gaps across the projects they are working on:

The Record Hub from Jones is available in Procore enabling subcontractors to manage their own compliance