How Subcontractors Can Submit COIs in Procore with Jones

Last updated: April 17, 2024

Jones makes COI submission simple for subcontractors. There are three ways subcontractors can submit their insurance documents for review:

  1. Email from Jones with an upload link
  2. A dedicated Record Hub powered by Jones
  3. Within Procore

Does your team already have your subcontractor’s insurance documents on hand? If so, learn how you can upload them onto Jones yourself here.

How to submit COIs through emails sent by Jones

Once a COI request is kicked off, a subcontractor will instantly receive an email notification from Jones. The email will have the subject line “Your Insurance Docs are needed for [Project Name] ([Procore Project Number])” and look like this:

Email subcontractors receive to collect insurance documents from the Jones Procore integration

The emails sent by Jones can be branded with your company logo so subcontractors don’t mistake them as spam. Learn more in the "How to Customize Jones Account Settings" Procore Help Center page here.

Subcontractors are not required to log in in order to suybmit insurance documents. They can click on the "Submit Docs" button in the email sent by Jones and are then immediately taken to the page where they can upload their insurance documents.

Subcontractors will know within 24 business hours if their insurance documents are compliant or not.

The email will clearly state the gaps in coverage with a link to the Jones Insurance Guide where subcontractors can learn more about what these gaps mean. They will be able to upload new insurance documents through a link in this email.

Have another document you need to upload? Subcontractors can use the link in this email to submit more documents after their initial upload.

Want to learn more about the insurance document collection emails subcontractors receive from Jones? Click here to learn more.

The Record Hub enables subcontractors to manage their own compliance across multiple projects in one centralized location. Instead of needing to shuffle through old emails or contact Jones support, subcontractors can:

Once a subcontractor is logged into Procore, they can access the Jones app on the upper right-hand corner. Subcontractors will see a window on the bottom of their screen to access the Record Hub.

Accessing the Record Hub in the Jones Procore Integration

Additionally, subcontractors can access the Record Hub in the following ways:

Subcontractors can access the Record Hub at using the exact email where they initially received a COI request. Subcontractors will never need a password to log in. They will be sent a one-time security code each time they log in to the Record Hub.

To submit a COI for review, all a subcontractor needs to do is the following:

  1. Log in to the Record Hub
  2. Click the 3-dots under the "Action" column
  3. Select "Submit Insurance Docs"

You can learn more about the Record Hub in our dedicated help center here.

Subcontractors can upload up to 6 different files at once as PDF or JPEG file types. Each file can be up to 25MB.

How to upload COIs in a subcontractors’ Procore account

Subcontractors can log in to Procore and access the Jones app if their email is associated with a company that has a COI request on a project.

All a subcontractor needs to do is sign into Procore and click the Jones widget on the upper right-hand corner.

Subcontractors can easily upload insurance documents within Procore. Once logged into Jones within Procore, subcontractors can simply click on the "COI" icon under the "Insurance Documents" column to upload new insurance documents for review.

How subcontractors can upload their own certificates of insurance and insurance documents for review in Procore

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