Managing COI Expirations

Last updated: April 17, 2024

COI renewals can creep up and expose your company to high levels of insurance risk. The Jones Procore integration helps construction teams improve their COI renewal process.

Learn more in our blog post here about the how Jones prevents expired COIs from falling through the cracks.

Jones can send out a series of automated emails before the earliest policy in a subcontractor’s COI is set to expire.

These emails are optional and can be toggled on or off by your customer success manager. If you choose to have this setting toggled on, here’s the series of emails that you and the subcontractor will receive:

Here’s an example of the automated COI renewal emails:

Automatic emails subcontractors will receive when their insurance documents are about to expire

As you can see, these emails are custom-branded with your company logo so subcontractors won’t think these emails are spam. There’s also a no-login link which makes it easy for subcontractors to simply upload new insurance documents. Learn more in our blog post about how a combination of all these capabilities helps prevent expired COIs from falling through the cracks.

Procore can also send automatic emails to subcontractors before their COIs are about to expire. You can learn more about Procore’s automatic expiration emails in their help center here. With Jones, Procore’s automated expiration emails are replaced by the email cadence from Jones.

Jones enables your team to view subcontractor COI expiration dates directly in Procore, as well as the ability to see specific policy expiration dates. You can also view the expiration dates of all your subcontractor COIs that are set to expire each month with Jones Analytics. Learn more in our blog post here.

Viewing a subcontractor’s COI expiration date is very straightforward with the Jones Procore integration. Simply open up the Jones app in Procore within a global or project-level view. In the "Request COIs" tab, you’ll be able to clearly see each subcontractor’s COI expiration date in the main table.

View subcontractor COI (certificate of insurance) expiration dates in Procore

You can view the expiration dates of each specific policy within a subcontractor’s COI directly in Procore by looking up the company in the project or company directory.

Simply select a company in the directory under "Users" or "Companies" and click on the "Insurance" tab in their profile. From here, you’ll be able to see compliance information about each policy reviewed by Jones, including expiration dates.

Jones Analytics offers many different charts that your team can use for managing compliance, including a breakdown of which records will be expiring each month.

View Expiring Records per month with Jones Analytics

All Jones users have access to this chart, but not within Procore. Login to your Jones account at to access this chart to know which COIs are expiring every month on a project-by-project basis. Learn more about how your team can make the most of capacity planning and drill into data to plan accordingly in our blog post here.

If a subcontractor’s COI has already expired, you’ll need to log in to Jones and request a new COI. Simply navigate to the record and click the "Request New COI" button.

The subcontractor will then receive an email to upload new insurance documents.

Already have the subcontractor’s new insurance documents on hand? You can upload new insurance documents in Procore on behalf of the subcontractor. Learn more here.