Jones Implementation and Onboarding

Last updated: April 17, 2024

Once you’ve installed the Jones app, you’ll receive a survey with basic questions about how you would like to set up your account (see the "How to Customize Jones Account Settings" Procore Help Center page for more information).

On this page, we’ll go over the implementation and onboarding process new customers go through to get started with the Jones Procore Integration.

After the Jones kick-off call, you’ll receive a secure link to submit data on your subcontractors, projects, and insurance requirements. Some examples of the data Jones will request include (but are not limited to):

Send an email to your Jones implementation manager once you have uploaded all of your subcontractor, project, and requirements data to Jones. Once Jones has been notified, our data hygiene team will review everything to ensure there is enough information to move on to the next steps. You’ll receive an email from Jones if any crucial information is missing.

Jones will begin extracting all of the data you provided and getting all of your projects, subcontractors, and requirements configured in Jones. This process will take between 4-6 weeks on average, but can vary depending on the amount of data submitted.

Need to use an owner-mandated contract for a project? Submit the contract to Jones, and we’ll extract the requirements from it so you’ll be all ready to go.

Once data extraction is completed, you’ll receive a list of any issues that Jones noticed such as subcontractors with missing information or conflicting insurance requirements.

Jones can create a record as a "Draft" if you are missing a set of requirements or don’t have a subcontractor’s email address. You’ll be able to access these draft records in your Jones account, but not in Procore.

Once you’ve added the missing information, you can activate draft records, and they will be visible within Procore. Speak with your implementation manager to learn more about using and setting up draft records in Jones.

Draft records section in Jones

All subcontractor data that has been successfully collected from Jones during the onboarding process will be visible in Jones under the "Active" tab.

Existing subcontractors in your company’s Procore account will automatically be synced to records in Jones.

The first meeting with Jones will be a kick-off call to go over the Jones implementation process from start to end. You’ll meet your implementation manager and get an overview of what the onboarding process will entail.

Shortly after the kick-off meeting, the Jones Risk and Compliance team will schedule an auditing standards review meeting with your team. These meetings are a chance for you to discuss how your insurance risk strategy will be implemented and how your documents will be reviewed.

You’ll be able to customize how Jones should review your subcontractor insurance documents, including

Jones may schedule progress meetings depending on how much data is being submitted during onboarding. These meetings will align all parties on expectations and answer any questions about the overall onboarding process.

In this meeting, Jones will introduce you to your dedicated customer success manager (CSM) and go over different account settings that can be turned on or off such as:

Jones will also go over customer support, waiver, and escalation preferences.

Last but not least, Jones will schedule a training meeting with your team where your dedicated Jones CSM will go over an in-depth walkthrough of the Jones platform and Procore integration. Your CSM will review all of the features in Jones and within the Jones Procore integration, provide your team with valuable resources, and answer any questions.

The Jones Customer Success team hosts training webinars throughout the year. If you use Jones, stay tuned for an email about the next one!