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Navigate Insurance Like a Pro and Save Time with the Jones Insurance Guide

Everybody in the built world knows how tricky it is to navigate insurance-related terms.

At Jones, we’ve managed and reviewed tens of thousands of insurance certificates (COIs) for our customers, and one thing is clear: making sense of insurance requirements and gaps is still a major challenge.

To help our customers save hours researching the dusty world of insurance, we’ve put together an exhaustive guide that will empower you to communicate with vendors, tenants, and brokers effectively and efficiently.  We are excited to announce the Jones’ Insurance Guide — the ultimate resource for all things insurance and risk & compliance.

Meet the Jones Insurance Guide

What is Jones Insurance Guide?

Jones Insurance Guide is the go-to resource for all things risk and compliance. In the guide, you will find concise articles detailing the most common insurance requirements, along with samples of relevant COIs and gap solutions. The guide contains succinct explanations of various policies. Plus, it will also demonstrate the correct way to evidence coverage on a COI.

And the best part? While we have created the Insurance Guide with our customers in mind, anybody in commercial real estate and construction & development can use it — it’s available to the public!

Table of Contents:

What is Jones Insurance Guide
Who is the Jones Insurance Guide created for?
How to use Insurance Guide, part I – fix COI-related issues, fast
How to use Insurance Guide, part II – go-to source for all things insurance

Who is the Jones Insurance Guide created for?

– Real estate owners and executives
Understand how risk and compliance impacts your property and how to protect yourself from unnecessary risk.

– Property managers, their tenants (e.g. office managers), and vendors
Use it as a cheat-sheet to fix non-compliant COIs in a fast and efficient way.

– Construction project, risk, and operations managers
Refer to our short articles whenever you need to review a COI, understand insurance gaps, and fix non-compliance issues.

– Everybody in the built world
If you don’t enjoy dealing with COIs and learning the intricacies of insurance documents, and you want to solve any compliance-related issue quickly, the Jones Insurance Guide is the resource for you.

How to use Jones Insurance Guide?

1. Solve any COI-related issues – fast

(Available exclusively to Jones existing customers)

As you [probably] know, Jones compliance software tracks COIs, compares them against your unique insurance requirements, and flags any gaps in coverage.

When Jones reviews COIs on your behalf, we identify gaps such as a missing Waiver of subrogation or Automobile liability coverage and notify all stakeholders (a property manager, a tenant, and/or a vendor) of the status.

But what if you are unsure what Waiver of Subrogation is, where to find it on the COI, and how to resolve the gap? 

From now on, email notifications that flag specific gaps in coverage include a link to a corresponding article in our Insurance Guide!

Email Notification - Jones Insurance Guide

The article will explain what a Waiver of Subrogation refers to, where to find it on the COI, and how to determine whether or not it is missing:

Waiver of subrogation - Jones Insurance Guide

Next time you receive a COI-related email notification from us, please take advantage of the links we have included to accelerate the COI review cycle and to get tenants and vendors compliant faster.

Please note – our support is available for you whenever you need us!

Not a Jones’ customer but interested in risk & compliance management?

Request a demo with our team, and we will show you the ropes.

Use it as a go-to source for all things insurance – for the CRE and construction industries

(Available to everybody)

If you need to look up a key insurance term, chances are it’s because you need to review a COI and understand whether or not it’s compliant with your requirements, and you need it done quickly..

The Jones Insurance Guide helps you do just that. It contains concise articles on common insurance policies, describes what they look like when evidenced on a COI,, and helps you understand how to fix any non-compliance issues.

For example, if you have encountered a “30 Days’ Notice of Cancellation” term and are now wondering where to find it, the Insurance Guide will point you in the right direction:

30 Days Notice of Cancellation

Not a Jones’ customer but interested in risk & compliance management?

Request a demo with our team, and we will show you the ropes.

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