Certificate of Insurance

Insurance policies tend to be dense and lengthy, sometimes spanning hundreds of pages. Who has time to read all of that?

Luckily insurance brokers issue certificates condensing all the most important information about a company’s insurance policies into a single page. This is called a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

A COI is a document from an insurer used as proof of insurance coverage.


It’s important to remember that COIs are for informational purposes only.

A COI confers no rights and is not legally binding; it simply summarizes information that is already contained within the underlying policies.

As such, a COI cannot alter or amend any of the conditions of the underlying policies. When there is a contradiction between the provisions established in an insurance policy and those noted on a COI, it is the policy and its accompanying endorsements that serve as the ultimate source of authority.

Certificates of Insurance are used to provide evidence to landlords and property managers that the insurance requirements of a property are met by a vendor or tenant’s insurance.