Plate Glass coverage

Plate Glass is a kind of thick fine-grade glass that is used to make window panes, glass doors, screens, and transparent walls.  Plate Glass Insurance is a kind of extended coverage that supplements property insurance and covers damage or breakage of large panes of plate glass on premises.

Plate glass is one of the most commonly damaged forms of property, but standard property insurance policies tend to exclude damage to plate glass from coverage, so tenants are often required to purchase plate glass insurance extended coverage separately.

Most Plate Glass policies include coverage for the following aspects but it may vary depending upon the option you select at the time of purchase.

  • Any accidental loss or damage to plate glass on premises.
  • The cost of replacing the damaged window frames or framework.
  • The cost of erecting any temporary boarding that may be necessary after the plate glass is damaged.
  • The replacement of any lettering, signs, or ornamentation on the damaged plate glass.

The losses incurred in the following cases are not covered by most of the Plate Glass policies, but you can get extended coverage for some of them while purchasing the policy.

  • Damages and losses caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, storms, or cyclones will not be covered.
  • Losses or damages arising due to fires, explosions, gas, or heat are not covered.
  • Any consequential losses (like loss of profit or business interruption) aren’t covered.
  • Damages and losses that occur while altering, removing, or repairing the plate glass are not covered.
  • Losses caused due to a war, riot, strike or nuclear disaster will not be covered.
  • Consequential loss of property, legal liability, or personal injury is not covered.